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Cowboy Dressage

At Klamath Equestrian Center, we are dedicated to providing excellent care to your horse. Offering a full range of services, we customize our boarding packages to fit the need of each individual. Our stalls and paddocks include 12x15 fully enclosed stalls with 15x32 attached paddocks. Turn out, blanketing, stall cleaning, feeding, daily graining and handing for vets or farriers are just some of the services we offer. We are located near town at 779 Miller Island Road in Klamath Falls, approximately 4 miles from Wal-Mart.

with Michael Wakefield

This clinic was limited to 10-12 riders, and slots

for participants filled up quickly. If you'd like to be
​contacted if there are cancellations, please download and fill out the form below:

Lunging can be used to establish regular tempo, improve gaits, achieve balanced transitions and to develop the athleticism and fitness of the horse. If lunging is done with a goal in mind and knowledge of what is really happening to the horse, great strides can be made in the training. With the use of a few techniques, some simple equipment and perhaps ground poles (cavaletti) and a real understanding of what can be accomplished, you will be on your way to a much better relationship with your equine partner.

You will leave this clinic with a different perspective on the use of the lunge line, long lines and cavaletti. It will help you and your horse achieve your goals in any discipline.

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with Nonny Largent

Saturday and Sunday

April 18-19, 8am-5pm​​


Dayna Barbee


Lunging/Long-Lining Clinic

Klamath Equestrian Center is pleased to host our first Cowboy Dressage clinic with trainer, Nonny Largent, of Wy-Not Cowboy Dressage.

Nonny has been a trainer, coach, and judge since 1987. She is a Cowboy Dressage Senior Recommended judge, a Level 3 clinician and trainer.

Nonny believes in open lines of communication between the horse and rider and strives to help her students be successful so they can truly enjoy their equine partners .Her emphasis is on a balanced seat and using the legs and hands together to obtain a willing and trusting partnership.

Clinic: $160​ • Audit: $20/day

As if you needed another reason to take

a lesson from Clay...

Clay will be donating some of the

proceeds from each clinic to  
​Project Spirit
Equine Rescue & Rehab

Enhance your partnership with​ your

horse AND help a worthy cause!

​Learn more about the amazing work

Project Spirit does with neglected and abused animals by clicking here.

Sat. Dec 7th, 2019

Clinic $55.00
(Hands on with your horse)
Limited to 6 Horse/Owner

Audit: $15.00
Observe and questions only

(no horse)


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