Sister and six other rescue horses will be

available for adoption at this year's

Pegasus Project Rescue Horse/Trainer Event

June 29th • 10am - 4pm

Jackson County Fairgrounds - Izola Arena
Central Point Oregon

Pre-approval required for adoption

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As if you needed another reason to take a class from Clay...

Clay will be donating some of the

proceeds from each clinic to our local
​Project Spirit
Equine Rescue & Rehab

Enhance your partnership with​ your

horse AND help a worthy cause!

​Learn more about the amazing work

Project Spirit does with neglected and abused animals by clicking here.

May Horse of the Month: SISTER

From starving in a feedlot just a few short months ago to Rockstar at the KBHA Schooling Show on April 28th, Sis placed in every class they entered, including a shiny First Place ribbon! What an amazing transformation this mare has made under the kind tutelage of trainer, Samantha Hollinger.

From the time she arrived at KEC from as an emaciated Project Spirit rescue in November, 2018, it was apparent that there was something special about this horse. Whatever circumstances brought her to her skinny, scraggly state, she had managed to remain kind, and curious, if a little cautious about humans. Reportedly a "kids horse", everyone who met her remarked on how sweet and gentle she was.

Samantha, a current student at OIT and scheduler at Sky Lakes Hospital, has been working her magic with several horses boarded at KEC for the past couple of years. According to those who have had Sam work with their horses, including KEC owner, Maria Meister, she has a gift for getting the animals calm and focused.

Having had the good fortune to be born to a horse-loving mom, Sam was introduced to horses as a toddler and began riding at the tender age of 3. She grew up surrounded by many family friends and trainers who helped her as she showed and trained for all kinds of events including English and Western Pleasure, Equitation, and Trail classes, and working cows and reining... "almost everything", Sam says.

Though she utilizes methods learned from a number of trainers over the years, including Clinton Anderson, Samantha often turns for advice to her mother who has worked with trainers and has a great instinct for finding solutions to training issues. She maintains the goal of constantly becoming better, and making her horses better.

Though she loves showing and training for events, Samantha's favorite thing about horses is the bond that it's possible to form. And that's clearly what she's done with Sister. This is the first rescue horse that she's worked with, and has found it to be a "wonderful and rewarding experience. It has been amazing to see Sis grow, learn to trust, and become a very well-minded mare." Sam says that Sis is "like a dog", wanting to be around her all the time, or just follow her around looking for her favorite treats... apples and grass. 

As we saw at the KBHA show, Sister is turning into a great "all-around horse", capable of doing well in showmanship, western or english pleasure, and would make an excellent trail or ranch horse. It's hard to let go of an animal you've developed a special bond with, but Sam--and all of us--will be happy to see Sis go to the new home she so richly deserves.

Anyone interested in adopting Sis or any of the other rescue horses at the Pegasus Project Rescue/Trainer Event in Central Point MUST be pre-approved before bidding. Application forms must be completed and returned to Project Spirit at the address below NO LATER THAN JUNE 20.

Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab

PO Box 580

Chiloquin OR 97624

For more information, visit the Project Spirit Pegasus Project page by clicking here, or contact Project Spirit by calling 541-892-2921

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A.K.A.:  SIS
Breed: Quarterhorse/Arabian
Color:  Chestnut
Age/Sex: 14-year-old mare (in her prime!)
Trainer: the Fabulous Samantha Hollinger, 25

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