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February, 2018: KC


Registered Name:

Triple Threat Again and Again


Tennessee Walking Horse

Age: 32

It's appropriate that our February valentine is a stately old charmer named KC. In his previous "employment", he was a stud on a Georgia TWH farm. His stud career ended when he was proud cut at the age of 10, and soon after was shipped west on a train to a new home. 

For some reason, KC and his first west coast owner were not a good fit, and he was sold to his current owner, Yvette Wenzel, then an Emergency Room Nurse. This soon proved to be a much better match. Yvette had worked with horses since she was eleven years old, and put KC to work on biannual cattle roundups and rode him in a competitive rodeo drill team for five years. 

KC has always been curious and "all up in your business", according to Yvette. While he lived at home, he often made his way onto their porch to look in the windows, probably hoping for a bottle of Coors beer...his favorite treat.

In their twenty years together, KC and Yvette have packed over the Sierra Nevada mountains on a toll trail established by her family in the 1800s. The pair have camped and rode trails over the mountains and beaches of California. Both are retired now, and getting a well-deserved respite from their very busy life. 

When asked what she likes most about boarding at KEC, Yvette quickly replies that it's owner, Maria Meister. "She is so connected to the horses in her care. I really admire the way she always has their best interest at heart. She has given my boy so much care and attention in my absence, and that means the world to me."

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