Gunna Rock On
                              (aka "

12-year-old Paint Gelding
Owner: Andrea Cox

KEC boarder since 2008

Andrea bought Jaxon as a 2-year-old from Danette Hartman in 2007. She originally intended for him to be a show horse in english events, but discovered early on that, though he looked like an English horse, he much preferred to go slow. A former all around horse, including working with cows, they specialized in western pleasure but he is now a dressage horse and an eventer.

The two have spent a many years showing at local open shows and regional paint horse shows. Jaxon has points in western pleasure, horsemanship and trail. During his show career, they diversified a bit and Jaxon team penned, dabbled in cow horse stuff and even carried the American flag for a local rodeo series. In recent years Andrea and Jaxon have added jumping and dressage to Jaxon's resume.

Andrea, Administrative Program Rep at Oregon Institute of Technology, has been interested in horses her whole life, but didn't start riding "officially" until she was 11, and then got her first horse at 12. The rest is history. Though influenced by many trainers through the years, Andrea holds particular respect and admiration for Denny Emerson of Tamarack Hills Farm in Vermont because he is a life long horseman, having ridden for the United States Equestrian Team, and has a no nonsense approach to horses and training.

When asked what she most enjoys doing with Jaxon, her enthusiastic reply is, "Everything! I love just being around him. He has such an outgoing personality and fun to be around." Jaxon is known to pack around the grand kids and go on the occasional trail ride. He also has a fondness for black licorice and belly-scratching (see video) where he cannot contain his glee, and must loudly vocalize his pleasure

Regarding her lengthy history at KEC, Andrea had this to say:

"Jaxon and I have been at KEC for many years. He is happy and well taken care of. I love the diversity and the different types of horses there. We are all family and look out for one another and each other's horses. It's a great place to be."


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Jaxon does love his belly scratching rolls, but seemed a little surprised that he was caught! Make sure your sound is on to fully appreciate this video: