KEC is pleased to announce the return of Clay Wright for more two-day clinics in February and March. Many of those who attended his previous clinic remarked how training concepts that were previously confusing or "fuzzy" were made crystal clear by Clay's plainly-worded explanations and effective demonstrations, which he repeated until understood.​

Rather than teaching a "method", Clay prefers to help

us horsey folk learn to "read" the horse; to understand

their mental and physical state to best help them to 

"find the right answer". Regardless of discipline, his 

focus is on helping all riders develop effective ways of

communicating with our horses to build a meaningful

partnership and enhance the experience for both the

​horse and rider.

"C​lay's clear and thorough way of teaching 

helps people and horses relax and absorb

the details that create the ability to problem

solve and advance their skill level. Horses

gain confidence and learn the qualities that

enable them to perform to their full potential."

Mark Your Calendars

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April 13-14, 2019

June 15-16

July 13-14

August 17-18

September 14-15

October 19-20

Clay Wright
Clinic and Lessons

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To register for one of Clay's upcoming clinics, download

and complete forms below:

​​Mail forms and payment to:

Clay Wright Clinic

ATTN: Billie Patrick

P.O. Box 5

Bonanza, OR 97623

​KEC Boarders can drop off their forms and payment in the "Club House" mailbox.​​

For more information on the upcoming clinic, visit our Calendar page, or contact clinic administrator, 

Billie Patrick by phone: 209-617-4664, or email:

To read more about Clay, check out his Clay Wright Horsemanship website, particularly the very insightful and informative articles and videos available there. 

​Hope to see y'all at the clinic!

At Klamath Equestrian Center, we are dedicated to providing excellent care to your horse. Offering a full range of services, we customize our boarding packages to fit the need of each individual. Our stalls and paddocks include 12x15 fully enclosed stalls with 15x32 attached paddocks. Turn out, blanketing, stall cleaning, feeding, daily graining and handing for vets or farriers are just some of the services we offer. We are located near town at 779 Miller Island Road in Klamath Falls, approximately 4 miles from Wal-Mart.

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Through a combination of demonstrations and individual lessons which may be audited, Clay's clinics will help you to learn:

  • The ability to feel what your horse is thinking.
  • How to help your horse achieve balance to enhance confidence and performance.
  • Exercises to help create a relaxed willing partnership between you and your horse.
  • Skills to overcome mental and physical resistance which are the root of most problems.

Clay can help you learn how to teach your horse to:

  • Focus, be willing and develop a sound work ethic.
  • Be content an relaxed with energetic, forward, supple movement.
  • Balance the horse's body in ways that produce impulsion, softness, and preparation for any advance maneuver. 

Klamath Equestrian Center

As if you needed another 

reason to attend...

Clay will be donating some of the

proceeds from each clinic to our local
​Project Spirit
Equine Rescue & Rehab

Enhance your partnership with​ your

horse AND help a worthy cause!

​Learn more about the amazing work

Project Spirit does with neglected and

abused animals by clicking here.

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