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Sat-Sun, June 15-16 • 9am-5pm
KEC Indoor Arena

Meet this year's "class"... some great ponies here!

For more information or to register for the clinic or lessons, contact clinic organizer: 
Billie Patrick

phone: 209-617-4664, or email: Just4bp@yahoo.com.

To learn more about Clay Wright and his methods, visit his website at:

The Pegasus Project Rescue Horse / Trainer Event is an exhibition of rescue horses placed with trainers for 100+ days and exhibited by their trainers to show their talents. 

Following the exhibition is a auction style adoption event.  Horses are adopted to APPROVED  homes only to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect. Anyone interested in adopting any of the other rescue horses at this Pegasus Project Event in Central Point MUST be pre-approved before bidding. Application forms must be completed and returned to Project Spirit at the address below NO LATER THAN JUNE 20, 2019:

Project Spirit Equine Rescue & Rehab 
PO Box 580 
Chiloquin OR 97624​

For more information, visit the Project Spirit Pegasus Project page by clicking here, or contact Project Spirit by calling 541-892-2921, or message us via www.facebook.com/projectspirithorserescue


Horse activities are always happening in our area:

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High Desert Trail Riders Back Country Horsemen

From the

Southern Oregon Horse and Carriage Club

Covering the northwest region:
NW Horse Source

For more information, or to register for one of Clay's upcoming clinics, download and complete BOTH forms below. Mail completed forms along with your payment to:

Clay Wright Clinic
ATTN: Billie Patrick
P.O. Box 5
Bonanza, OR 97623

​KEC Boarders can drop off their forms and payment in the "Club House" mailbox.​​

KEC is thrilled to announce that Clay Wright will be conducting lessons at KEC on a monthly basis through October, 2019. Those who have participated in previous clinics as student or auditor report that they are amazed at how much Clay's clear, gentle instruction has improved not only their understanding of the principles of good horsemanship, but their understanding and communication with their horses as well.

Clay Wright Horsemanship is designed to show you how to find the potential that is available between you and your horse.  He then can set you on a course for your best meaningful level of communication between your horse and yourself. Regardless of your chosen riding discipline, solid foundation principles are necessary and universal in producing good horsemanship. 

Principles of quality horsemanship include:

  • The ability to feel what your horse is
    thinking and what physical balance
    his body is carrying, so you know how
    to help him.
  • He teaches the education that creates
    a relaxed willing partnership between
    you and your horse.
  • The skills to overcome mental and
    physical resistance which are the root
    ​of problems--big or small.

Clay doesn't teach a "method", he believes in helping people learn how to read what the horse is communicating, feeling, and showing and how to set your physical and emotional self up to let the horse find the answers and have that "Ah Ha Moment". You can learn how to work with the whole horse: mind, body, emotions, and spirit!


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 Upcoming Clay Wright Lessons​

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