At Klamath Equestrian Center, we take pride in providing excellent, reasonably priced care to your horse in a drama-free atmosphere. All of our boarding packages can be customized to meet your individual needs. In addition to the services listed in the fee schedule below, we also offer for an additional fee (contact us for prices): 

Our boarders also have free access to our indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as two round pens. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our facilities and the experience of our boarders and horses. If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Board is due on the 1st of each month, and can be paid by cash, check, or with a credit or debit card via Facebook messenger. If payment is received after the 5th, late fees of $5 per day will be charged.

Sorry, we no longer accept stallions.

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Barn Rules


  1. All dogs must be on a leash (no more than 6 feet long) and either held or tied-up where there is no horse or human traffic.
  2. Smoking is only permitted outside of buildings.
  3. No lessons may be given at any time without the express written authorization from KEC. Criteria must be met in order to give lesson on the property.
  4. Horses may only be turned out in arenas or round pens if the owner of the horse is on the property. Horses must be removed from round pens or arenas if someone wants to ride/lunge.
  5. When lunging in the indoor arena, please keep your horse at least 6 feet off the rails so riders may pass safely. Riders take precedence over lunging. Only one horse may be lunged at a time in the indoor arena.
  6. Please clean up after your horse anywhere on the property.
  7. The tie area next to the roll up door in the main barn is intended for pasture horses and horses in the shelter stalls. If you have a stall, please use your stall for tacking, brushing, etc. We will be re-configuring this area to expand the tack room for pasture/shelter horses.
  8. The community tack room is intended for pasture horses and horses in the shelter and hay barn stalls. If you have items in this area and you have a stall, please remove them from this area and put them in your space provided in front of your stall.
  9. Hay may not be stacked over the height of the wood on the panels in the indoor arena. If you do not have enough room in front of your stall for your hay, additional hay may be kept outside the hay barn on a pallet.
  10. Items (including hay) may not protrude out into the aisle way of the main barn or more than 3 feet from the wall in the hay barn. Horses may only be tied in safe areas. When in doubt, please ask. Do not tie horses in the aisle of the main barn or to the sides of the wash racks. We will be installing more tie-areas.
  11. Do not ride in the aisle of the main barn.
  12. Please roll up hoses and turn them off after use. This includes the hose that is used to fill up the water troughs in the back turn out. We will soon be digging a ditch to the back turn out area and laying pipe so we don’t have to string out the hoses
  13. Turn-outs are on a first-come first-served basis, unless prior arrangements have been made with Maria or Les. Horses that have been put out in the morning may be put away for someone else to be turned out at noon ONLY after checking with Maria or Les to be sure that the horses that are out have been out since morning. This will alleviate the possibility of someone putting a horse away that has just been turned out.
  14. Please do not water the indoor arena. If it is too dusty to ride, let Maria or Les know and we will water the arena.